While this project featured only external applications, perforated metal screens can also be specified as interior design elements to create see-through partitions or sound-absorbing surfaces. From lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components, perforated metal offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty.

Additionally, Diamond Metal Screens’ perforated facades enable interior spaces to benefit from natural light, filtered in such a way that it reduces the glare of direct sunlight and resulting in an environment that is conducive to relaxation and working. Whether used internally or externally, perforations create a dialogue between space, obscuring or inviting views as required and keeping temperature and brightness at a pleasant and practical level. Shade and privacy will continue to be the key practical purposes of perforations, but the potential applications are greater than ever.


The perforations are possible in the following materials: Stainless Steel, Pre-Galvanised Steel, Copper, Brass, Zinc, Aluminium and CRCA / HR Steel.


The shapes that can be perforated are Round, Square, Conical, Rectangular, Herringbone, Triangular, Hexagonal, Embossed and Diamond.

More about this product

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Material used: Galvanized steel 1mm thick
Coating: Powder coating
Area: 300 sq.m
Year: 2012
Architect: Mr.Praveen Bavdekar, Thirspace Architecture Studio